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iWare Designs was originally founded to develop and maintain bespoke business applications for all types of companies where generic off the shelf software did not fulfil the necessary requirements of the client.

With its key personnel having over twenty years experience in designing, developing and managing projects the company has a full understanding of the client’s needs with regards to quality, timescales and finances.

In addition to the business software development the company acts as a consultancy service to the IT community.

Recently the company has expanded its business practices and has established itself as an Indie Studio which is currently developing casual and social gaming products for mobile platforms such as iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Sony's Playstation®Vita.

iWare Designs Limited.
Company registered in England and Wales No. 7387407 VAT No. 100 2199 72

Team Softography

Title Gummy Bears - Magical Medallion
Publisher Storm City
Platform Wii, 3DS

Title Honda ATV Fever
Publisher Storm City
Platform Wii, DS

Title Gummy Bears Mini Golf
Publisher Storm City
Platform Wii, DS

Title Hugo - Magic in the Trollwood
Publisher Krea
Platform DS

Title ATV Quad Kings
Publisher Zoo Games Inc (Wii), Storm City (DS), Enjoy Gaming (PC)
Platform Wii, DS, PC

Title Yamaha Supercross
Publisher Zoo Games Inc
Platform Wii, PS2, PC

Title Hugo - Operation Lemoon Twist
Publisher NDS
Platform Wii, PS2, PC

Title Mr Bean's Wacky World of Wii
Publisher Blast!, Tiger Aspect
Platform Wii

Title Mr Bean
Publisher Blast!, Tiger Aspect
Platform PS2, PC, DS

Title Flintstones Racing
Publisher Blast!, Warner Brothers
Platform PS2

Title Home Alone
Publisher Blast!, 20th Century Fox
Platform PS2

Title Wacky Races
Publisher Blast!, Warner Brothers
Platform PS2

Title Thunderbirds
Publisher Blast!, Granada
Platform PS2

Title Spin Out
Publisher Ghost Light
Platform PS2, PSP, PC

Title Zoo Cube
Publisher Ghost Light (PS2), Acclaim (GBA)
Platform PS2, GBA

Title I-Ninja
Publisher Destination Software
Platform GBA

Title Star-X
Publisher Bam!
Platform GBA

Title Need for Speed : Underground, Underground 2, Carbon : Own the City, Most Wanted
Publisher EA
Platform DS, GBA

Title Crusi'n Velocity
Publisher Midway
Platform GBA

Title Noddy's Magic Adventure
Publisher BBC
Platform PSX

Title Crazy Taxi
Publisher THQ
Platform GBA

Title Worms
Publisher Team17, Ocean
Platform Megadrive, GB

Title Shaq-Fu
Publisher Ocean
Platform Amiga

Title PGA European Tour Golf
Publisher EA Sports, Ocean
Platform Amiga

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